Memorial Concert for Tedo D'Aurizio - Pittsford

The Pittsford Fire Department Band will present a concert in celebration of the life of our Director Emeritus, Tedo D'Aurizio.

Tedo led the band from 1971 until 2006. Under his baton the Pittsford Fire Department Band represented the Pittsford Fire Department and the Town of Pittsford in parades and concerts throughout New York State, and received the title of "New York State Fire Department Band Champions" seven times.

Tedo D'Aurizio celebrating his 80th birthday.

Tedo D'Aurizio celebrating his 80th birthday.

Sunday, June 22, 2014, 2:00 p.m.

Port of Pittsford, Pittsford, NY

Full "Class A" uniform 
Black shoes, Black socks, Uniform pants, Uniform belt, Uniform shirt with collar brass and ribbon(s), Tie, Hat [NO Sunglasses]


Sousa Book

  • Washington Post (with repeats)
  • Manhattan Beach (no repeats)
  • Thunderer (with repeats)

MC- Tom Powell (“Please rise”)


  • Star-Spangled Banner (fast tempo, no trumpets from C to D, but play the pickup ‘F’ into D)

Opening Remarks - Rod Ham

Big Band Performs

  • Stormy Weather
  • Tijuana Taxi
  • It’s Been a Long, Long Time

Speaker – Tom Powell

Pop Classics

  • Pennsylvania 6-5000, p. 25


  • Two O’Clock Jump – tpt solo starts, BJ cues band pickup to A.  D to E will be repeated many times for solos, watch for cue to pickups into E. 

Pop Classics

  • Tuxedo Junction, p.4 as written

Speaker – Pete Leas


  • Armed Forces Salute – roll-off between each service song. 
  • Well, Git It! – tpts/drums start, repeat C to D until cue for solos.
  • Super Hits
  • Georgia on My Mind, p.17

Speakers – Steve and Jarod Lau


  • On the Mall

BJ – Carnival of Venice


  • Semper Fidelis – Basses play after drum break/key change twice through the form of the strain, tpts join second time through strain, roll-off, then everyone plays the beginning to the end as written.

Speakers – Bill Fekete and Karan Thompson

Prayer – Brian Benamati

Taps – Jarod & BJ


  • Thunder and Blazes
  • Swing-a-Roo Polka – tag ‘shave and a haircut’ ending
  • Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite (grand pause in last strain last time, then vivace to the end and a delayed stinger)

Trio – Bugler’s Holiday

Drums – Hell on the Wabash


  • Stars and Stripes Forever – with repeats, last strain is very soft the first time, and very loud with a sudden slowing of tempo and a gradual accelerando to the end.

Thank you all for coming and being a part of this celebration of Tedo’s life!!!